Our extensive experience in design and management capabilities give us an important differentiating value in systems for power plants.

In recent years LOINTEK has intensified its research and development activities in solar thermal power with generation plant systems and today is positioned as a world leader in technology development, design and manufacture of this type of systems.

LOINTEK is able to design and construct a wide variety of equipment involved in the water-steam cycle of a power plant. Solar Thermal Plants equipment deserves a particular mention, due to their intermittent operation and very aggressive cyclic loads require a specialized design.

In order to improve the overall efficiency of the water-steam cycle, LOINTEK can supply heat exchange equipment required as feedwater preheaters (high and low pressure), steam generators, superheaters, reheaters, etc.


Today many solar plants are designed with a heat storage system using molten salts. This system allows them to to generate electricity during periods of low solar radiation. LOINTEK can design and supply the necessary heat exchangers that transmit accumulated energy to the HTF system.

Thanks to good manufacturing and design techniques, complemented by the experience of previous supplies, feedback from plant and work in R & D, LOINTEK is specialized in providing comprehensive solutions of Basic Engineering, Design, Manufacture, Installation and Commissioning of Steam Generation Systems. LOINTEK is able to provide a turnkey solution of the Power Island..

A large list of clients and carried out works support the reliability and experience of LOINTEK in this area. Its high technological level and extensive experience, allow that LOINTEK stays at the forefront of companies in the Energy Sector.