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Ammonia, Urea & Methanol

We work with the main technology licensors for the Ammonia, Urea & Methanol processes.


Proven experience working with main technology licensors.


At the forefront of highly demanding welding proccess technology.


Without technical or logistic limitations.

Equipment typology

We have an extensive experience in the design of equipment associated with ethylene, propylene, resins, etc. units. We work with the main ammonia and urea production licensors worldwide, collaborating with them in the design and manufacturing of critical equipment.

Reactor de Urea de Lointek


State-of-the-art urea reactors at the forefront technology

Waste Heat Boiler de Lointek

Waste Heat Boiler

WHB designed and manufactured by LOINTEK are based on our in-depth knowledge of the challenges proposed by the ammonia process. Quality supported by more than 50 years.

Reactor metanol Lointek

Methanol Reactor

Lointek has the capability to design and supply complementary equipment such as Methanol Reactors among others.

Scrubber Lointek


Designs based on our extensive knowledge of the urea process, taking into account the latest safety standards, carefully selected materials and the highest inspection capabilities.

Stripper Lointek


Installed in the medium and high pressure synthesis section of urea plants, capable of withstanding the harshest process conditions.

FT Reactor de Lointek

Fischer-Tropsch Reactor

Critical equipment in the ammonia synthesis process.

Secondary reformer Lointek

Secondary Reformer

The ammonia Secondary Reformer plays an important role converting methane from the primary reformer and supplying nitrogen by controlling the air flow rate.

Gas exchangers Lointek

HP Gas-Gas Exchangers

Lointek offers its customers the knowledge and experience developed over more than 30 years in the design and manufacture of heat exchangers for the most demanding processes.

Condensador de carbomato Lointek

Carbamate Condenser

LOINTEK carbamate condensers are heavy-duty shell and tube heat exchangers, featuring the most advanced welding and process technology.

Adquisición de Mecánica de la peña

Ammonia Converter

The ammonia converter is the most important component in the ammonia synthesis process and it is considered as the heart of ammonia plants.

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Receive customized advice

Our team of experts will do the best to find the best solution for each case.

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an expert

Receive customized advice
Our team of experts will do the best to find the best solution for each case.

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We listen, analyze and propose efficient solutions with high added value

Lointek offers an integral service from the project study phase and till the after-sales service, always guaranteeing the most efficient response.

Proyectos de amoniaco & urea personalizados


Project management: Turnkey design and supply

Each project is treated individually and led by specialized Project Managers, which allows us to offer the possibility of carrying out complete turnkey supplies.


Assembly, commissioning, operation and maintenance services

We are committed to an integrated service, accompanying our customers throughout the process, adding value to our service even during the installation and commissioning of the equipment. Our team can intervene and support you wordlwide.


Performance optimization studies: Energy and system optimization

Our commitment to efficiency and R&D puts our knowledge at the service of our customers to make their processes more efficient.


Advisory services: Technical and financial feasibility studies

Our extensive experience, together with a highly qualified team, allows us to advise and accompany our clients from the preliminary phase of the project.

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The more difficult, the closer to you

We face the projects knowing the difficulties of them, offering integral solutions of high technological complexity.

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