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Cookies Policy

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a file or archive that is downloaded to the user’s device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) when accessing a web page in order to store, retrieve, update or save data and information about the navigation made from that device. Cookies allow the person responsible for the website to know the preferences of users when browsing its website and customize the services offered based on those preferences.

Why do we use Cookies?

LOINTEK uses cookies in order to retrieve information and thus offer the user a more agile navigation avoiding requesting data that this already provided previously. LOINTEK also uses cookies to analyze user behavior when browsing the web, resulting in a very effective tool to assess the performance of the website and make improvements.

What Cookies are installed?

LOINTEK uses cookies to obtain information that it considers useful. The type of cookies used and the information obtained with each one is detailed in the following table:

Types of cookies Purpose
Analytics cookies These cookies are used to analyze user behavior in aggregate and anonymous form including the number of visitors to the website and to different product sheets, the origin of the visit, day and time, platform, number of clicks on a tab. In this way LOINTEK can make improvements to the website and know what content or design is more relevant to the user. They allow to measure user activity and to elaborate navigation statistics.
Functional cookies These are cookies that help the user to have a better browsing experience on the site. An example of the use of this type of cookies are those used to store the data of the last search for a product to autofill the search engine, the country, city of preference and last products consulted by the user.
Customization or configuration cookies Allow the page to recognize the user’s language, font size, etc.
Security cookies Prevent or hinder attacks against the website or its users.

From the browser settings you are using for navigation, the user can select which cookies to accept and which to reject.

The user must take into consideration that, in case of disabling cookies, he/she could have problems in accessing and browsing the web.

How to manage and disable Cookies

If you wish to delete cookies that are already set on your terminal, you can do so from your browser. You can find the way to do this by going to the help menu of your browser where the steps to proceed with its elimination are established.

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LOINTEK is not responsible for the content and accuracy of the privacy policies of third parties included in this cookie policy.

Without prejudice to the express consent that the user has given by clicking on the “I accept” button, accessing and browsing the Web implies the user’s consent to the installation and use of Cookies in the terms set forth herein.

If you have any questions about this cookie policy, you can contact LOINTEK at lointek@lointek.com.

The user can find more information about how cookies work, as well as how to delete them, in the following links: