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Long experience in the design and manufacturing of critical equipment for high pressure/temperature processes in refineries such as hydrocracking, hydrotreating, desulfurization, gas treatment, etc.


Capacity to develop any pressure equipment.


We work mainly with critical equipment.


Without technical or logistical limitations.

Equipment typology

Our calculation and design capabilities, our broad base of first-rate raw material suppliers, our extensive experience in manufacturing activities together with a state-of-the-art heavy machinery and the dimesnions of our facilities allow us to define and supply any pressurized equipment for these sectors without technical or size limitations.

Reactores de Lointek


Different types of reactors that are part of the most critical processes in so demanding industries such as Petrochemical and Oil & Gas.

Condensadores de Lointek


The surface condensers designed and manufactured by LOINTEK ensure that steam, usually water and hydrocarbons, which is accompanied by significant amounts of non-condensable gases can be cooled as much as possible, so that the charge sucked in by the next stage ejector does not have a very high amount of steam associated with it.

FWH de Lointek


We design and manufacture both low and high pressure feed water heaters that can be installed either vertically or horizontally, depending on plant design requirements.

Intercambiadores de calor de Lointek

Heat exchangers

All heat exchangers are designed and manufactured in accordance with international design standards, including TEMA, ASME and HEI, etc. Thermal design is carried out by our specialized engineers and supported by customized softwares, in order to meet customers’ special needs.

Columnas Lointek


Distillation columns are a fundamental part of the crude oil refining process. They act as an alembic, separating the product into its different chemical components according to differences in volatility.

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We are here to offer you the best service and the best facilities

Lointek offers an integral service from the project study phase and until the after-sales service, always guaranteeing the most efficient response.


Project management: Turnkey design and supply

Each project is treated individually and led by specialized Project Managers, which allows us to offer the possibility of carrying out complete turnkey supplies.


Assembly, commissioning, operation and maintenance services

We are committed to an integrated service, accompanying our customers throughout the process, adding value to our service even during the installation and commissioning of the equipment. Our team can intervene and support you wordlwide.


Performance optimization studies: Energy and system optimization

Our commitment to efficiency and R&D puts our knowledge at the service of our customers to make their processes more efficient.


Advisory services: Technical and financial feasibility studies

Our extensive experience, together with a highly qualified team, allows us to advise and accompany our clients from the preliminary phase of the project.

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The more difficult, the closer to you

We face projects knowing their difficulties, offering integral solutions of high technological complexity.

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