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Design and manufacturing capacity in a single plant.

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Our goal is to provide our customers with an integral solution

LOINTEK offers products of the highest quality, achieved through an optimal conception of the system to be developed, a thermal and mechanical design developed with the latest technology and a meticulous selection of materials.

Our highly qualified team aims to provide a comprehensive solution to the problems and needs of our customers, adapting to each specific situation and offering the most efficient and competitive alternative.

Our products

  • Steam boilers for industrial use and heat recovery steam generators in combined cycles or cogenerations, giving more added value by including in our scope the assembly and commissioning.

  • Pressure vessels, simple or tubular reactors and columns including their integration in the different production processes.

  • Steam generation systems for parabolic trough or central tower thermosolar plant.

  • High and Low Pressure feed water preheaters.

  • Surface condensers.

  • High performance shell-tube heat exchangers.

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We guarantee the minimum time of response, from the beginning of the project and till to the plant operation

LOINTEK covers the whole life of the project, from the initial sudy of the project at the feasibility study phase and until the technical assistance during the operation of the plant or system supplied.

In addition to its integral service vocation, LOINTEK is dimensioned and implemented to guarantee the maximum agility of response from the initial phase of the elaboration of technical-commercial proposals to the intervention, upon the customer’s request, in the operation phase of the delivered product or service.

Our services

  • Technical and financial viability studies.

  • Design and supply under turnkey basis.

  • Basic and detail engineering: Mechanical and thermal designs.

  • Materials procurement, fabrication and supply.

  • Project management.

  • Start-up and training of personnel.

  • Operation and maintenance service After sales service.

  • Efficiency optimization studies.

  • Energy and system optimization.

  • Boiler repair and revamping.

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Research and development

We enjoy the complexity of projects, we face challenges knowing that we will enjoy them and learn from them. We do not manufacture standard things.

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